Zurück zu den Wurzeln-Festival 2022

Welcome to our culture festival!


It’s that time again: We invite you from all corners of the world to join our root family! Let yourself be enchanted by our Secret Forest for four days. The elves and trolls in our forests can’t wait to play their jokes with you. If you have left the magical creatures behind you, you will find dance floors and dream scenes hidden everywhere in the woods. If you are exhausted from exploring everything, sniffing each other and dancing, then our huge market square with its crazy hustle and bustle awaits you. There you can strengthen and relax, buy (or exchange) jewelry and other treasures. Our huge marketplace stage protrudes into the bazaar, inviting you to linger with its colorful program. From jugglers and storytellers to musicians of various styles – punk, ska, buttocks, hip hop, indie and, and, and – everything is there.

Lose yourself with us on our 100,000 m² festival area and celebrate and dance on nine floors. We are a diverse cultural event with around 50 workshops / seminars and music styles of all genres as well as street food and market stalls from all corners of the world.

09.06.2022 – 12.06.2022 Wurzel festival


Our philosophy and our values

zzdw is a festival that lives integration, inclusion and sustainability.

How you look, where you come from or who you believe in doesn’t matter to us. We are against the elbow society and want to give everyone a home.

As in the years before, the big project “Inclusion on the roots” is very close to our hearts. We are currently looking for financial support for barrier-free and handicapped accessible facilities. We are grateful for every hot tip and smallest donation. You can send donations to the association Kultur, Musik und Naturliebe e.V.

For the drug and smoke-free people among you, there will also be a clean camp again.

We love nature and are constantly working on making ourselves more sustainable. So please pay special attention to your environment! We only have one 🌍 😉

zzdw is a hands-on festival because we want your creativity to flow into our festival. The festival lives from your spirit! The last week of construction before the festival is reserved for your ideas. Briefly present your concept to us in advance. More about this in the information …

We are a hands-on festival. Whoever wants to come by.
A place where everyone feels comfortable.
A garden of Eden. A safe, free space.
Let’s build it together!

Let’s be one Unity – Be part of the Wurzelfamily!


What is going on and on which floor?


Märchenwald: Techhouse, Afrohouse, Melodic Techno

Studio54: Disko, House, 80er Jahre, Synth Pop

Druckkammer: Techno

Rumpelkammer: Reggae / Dub / DnB

Chill im Hain: Ambient / Chillout + Tea / Hammocks

Wurzelfloor: Psychedelic, Psytrance

Marktplatzbühne: Hand musicians, Jugglers, Bands, Poetry slam, Waterfall lane

Workshop-Floor: Workshops, Readings, Circus show

Firespace: Fire shows

Marktplatz: Food stands, clothes

Welcome to our little Wurzel world, pictures say more than a thousand words and that’s why we have a movie for you …

10 Floors and Areas:

Märchentanz, Studio 54, Druckkammer, Rumpelkammer, Chill im Hain, Wurzelfloor, Marktplatzbühne, Workshop-Floor, Firespace, Marktplatz

…keinerverlässtden Traum!