Festival, that’s usually partying all weekend long. But not with us! In addition to music, we pay special attention to art and culture. Since 2019, we have placed a special focus on art galleries. With this in mind, we have already been able to welcome the Kunsthaus Tacheles with an exhibition.

In addition, there are many different deco teams that embellish our location with their art and, of course, our own in-house (and world’s best) deco team that conjures up works of art from recycled materials.

If you want to discover more for yourself, you can do so in our lectures or seminars (more info coming soon in the workshop program). By the way, there is also a festival library.

At the festival, we celebrate a subculture

– based on the early techno scene in Berlin.

The goal: Zurück zu den Wurzeln bring back a community in which we help each other once again together.