For us, celebrations for all means that everyone is welcome, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, origin or gender!

We want to offer you a festival without sexism, racism and any form of exclusion and discrimination. And not only that, we want to give as many as we can the opportunity to celebrate with us. Therefore, we will spare no expense and effort to make our festival almost barrier-free, so that even those among you who live with an impairment in whatever form can immerse yourself with us three days in a wonderful different reality.

However: Barriers are not just eliminated with a simple aluminum ramp, so we place just as much emphasis on breaking down social barriers in society.

We know that, due to a lack of contact with people who live with impairments, many worry about how to interact, and apprehensions do arise – but we also believe that a festival full of charity and a mindset that says „Hey! You are great, just the way you are!“ is the right way to understand that this fear is unfounded.

We are all different, each and every one of us with our own strengths and weaknesses.


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