Jorsi Bags

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with creating beautiful things. My parents owned a little workshop, and they designed and created clothes for women. I spent most of my childhood around sewing machines, fashion magazines, fabrics, scissors, buttons and so on. I would always use the left over materials to create clothes for dolls, and later on for myself. A few years ago I developed a passion for creating accessories. I couldn’t find a bag that fit my needs, so I decided to make one myself. A few failures later I succeeded and made the bag of my dreams come to life. After I made a few interesting pieces for my friends, they encouraged me to try selling them. The first handmade fair I attended was a huge success, and like they say: the rest is history. Designing and creating became my everyday life. I own a small business called “Jorsi bags”. My bags are unique, casual, versatile, practical, playful and very colourful. I try to protect the environment by combining different kind of fabrics, upcycling unwanted clothes and materials. I do my best to come up with new ideas, shapes and forms, always experimenting with new things, to make each bag one of a kind. My mission is to put a smile on my customers‘ faces, and make the world a more colourful place with my designs.


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