From A like Arrival to V like Valuables, you will find all the information about the festival here!

Our goal is that everyone is happy and that everyone contributes with their open-minded, positive and joyful way to give the collective experience a real sense of togetherness once again. Look out for each other and offer your help when needed. Take care of the environment, but hopefully that goes without saying.

If problems arise, please contact our stewards, bar staff, security or the Info Point.

From A like arrival to V like valuables, you will find all the information about the festival here!

Our goal is that everyone is happy and that everyone contributes with his open-minded, positive and joyful way to make the Wurzelsause a real togetherness again. Look out for each other and offer your help when needed. Take care of the environment, but hopefully that goes without saying 😉

If problems arise, please contact stewards, bar staff, security or the Infopoint. Since this year we have also set up an emergency hotline for you: 0160/98059698.

As nice as the location is, there are some important points to consider. We get full support from the local authorities and have a very understanding landlord with whom we would like to stay for a few more years until we might be able to buy our own premises again. So please respect the following points and support us in creating a wonderful market place and Wurzelfestival.


The environmentally friendly options: Arriving by bus and train to the festival

Arrival by train

  • By train to Jüterborg
  • Approx. 48 minutes from Berlin Central Station (every hour)
  • Approx. 39 minutes from Berlin Südkreuz (every hour)
  • One-way ticket costs 9 € per person. Further information available at:
  • For all those arriving at the train station „Altes Lager“: From there, you have a short hike of about three kilometers ahead of you.

We are happy to offer you a shuttle service for ticket holders again this year. The costs for this service have to be paid at the check-in. (15€ for shuttles/ showers/ garbage/ ecology levy/ car pass).

If it gets a bit crowded at peak times and there is a wait, but you really want to go, there are the following options:

The local cab companies know that we are celebrating and will drive between the train station Jüterbog and the festival area on all days. The distance is about 6km. The drivers have known us Wurzelkinder for years and are happy about the relaxed and cheerful passengers.

There are actually several regular buses that pass close to our festival area! For example, line 769 departs as a call bus from Jüterbog train station (destination stop is „Altes Lager, Landebahn“). But there are also other lines leaving close to the train station and stopping at several stations around Altes Lager. For more information, visit

Train from Jüterbog to Altes Lager

Most of you surely know the regional train, which goes within 5 minutes from Jüterbog to Altes Lager. From there it’s a 20-minute walk to our site (here are the coordinates: 51.994309, 13.000614). You can find more details on the website of the Deutsche Bahn


Did you know that our Secret Forest is almost directly on the official bike path „Berlin – Leipzig“? Take a look at the popular route planner apps and combine our festival with a nice bike ride! It’s about a day’s ride from both Berlin and Leipzig. However, Deutsche Bahn will also take you by bike on their regional trains. From the train station in Jüterbog it takes about 20 minutes to get to the Secret Forest, a route that we have also taken many times. ?


Please keep in mind that traveling by root bus or train is more environmentally friendly. If you are traveling by car, please carpool. Do you still have a free seat in the car? Or are you still looking for a place? Then have a look at our Carpooling center.


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Driving by car

You can find us in Niedergörsdorf

Die Coordinates:

51.994309, 13.000614

This adress takes you to right road:

Niedergörsdorfer Allee

14913 Niedergörsdorf


Approx. 45 minutes from Berlin South

Approx. 75 minutes from Berlin center



Via the A9 / E51 – Exit 4 – Brück, direction Niedergörsdorf.

In Niedergörsdorf turn off Treuenbrietzener Str. onto Kastanienalle (near Netto). At the end of the street turn left into Roteichenallee, which turns directly into Niedergörsdorfer Allee. A few more meters and you have found us.

Please follow the signs to the guest entrance!


Vendor entrance:

Suppliers, food stalls, DJ’s, bands and guest list please use the same approach as the guests this year!



The festival takes place at ground level, no steps in front of the hangars (planes rolled in there before). The floors are connected with paved paths. On the runway next to the tower is a passable porta-potty. The toilet facility at the rampart between the camping and the market hustle and bustle also has a passable cubicle. Those who have the B in their severely handicapped ID do not pay admission for the accompanying person.

There are barrier-free shower containers equipped with a toilet and a shower. In addition, there are barrier-free porta-potties on the grounds.

For wheelchair users, there is a service point on the grounds that serves as a collection point for charging e-wheelchairs.

We would like all party children to actively support our guests with disabilities if they express a clear desire to do so. Please do not help without being asked! But sometimes it is not a bad idea to ask at the floor if you can maybe bring a beer.

If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us:

Find more information here


Please take care of your wristband as you would your cash. We cannot provide a replacement if you lose your wristband. Transferring it to another guest is, unfortunately, not allowed. We will also check our wristbands on the floors, so please don’t try to direct someone without a ticket to the site.


The campsite will open on Thursday at 12:00 noon and remain open until Monday at 12:00 noon, at which time we will kindly ask you to leave the campsite. Camping is included in the ticket price.

There are water points with drinking water at the campsite. However, due to infrastructure requirements, the water points are in a central location, so we recommend that you take water cans with you. This way, you are always well supplied with water even if your camping spot is not directly at the water points. In the festival zone, there are water points at different places.

Eco-potties and porta-potties included. There will also be paid „real“ toilets and showers.

Please keep the escape routes in the camping zone clear for the paramedics at all times! Parking on the runway only. LED lights, solar lights are allowed. Please also remember to bring enough batteries for the flashlight.

The following items are not allowed on the campsite:

  • Pavilions over 10m²
  • Sound systems
  • Power generators
  • Refrigerators
  • Beer kegs over 5 ltr
  • Megaphones
  • Illegal substances as prohibited under German law
  • Fireworks
  • Sky lanterns!
  • Open (camp)fires
  • Furniture (sofas, armchairs, etc.)
  • Building materials
  • Laser pointers
  • Liquid barbecue lighters
  • All items that fall under the Section 42 a Weapons Act (WaffG), especially switchblades and lock knives with a blade length of 12cm
  • Candles, because EVERY year around the time of the festival, we have a very high forest fire warning level, meaning that candles are, unfortunately, not allowed. Switch to fairy lights, preferably LED with rechargeable batteries.

Glass bottles are not cool! This also applies to beer crates, drinks in glass bottles and glass containers, and bottle caps. Those who like to walk barefoot can tell you a thing or two about that. Please bring your drinks in a TetraPak, PET, cans or thermoses if possible and please ensure not to litter our beautiful natural surroundings. This year, our cold pre-order beer and pre-order cola will still be given out in glasses in the camping zone, but we are working on it … (The glass bottles that we give out will be collected again when they are empty).

Be considerate of your tent neighbors. It is not allowed to use your own sound system on the campsite. If you want to party and listen to loud music, come to the floors!

Furthermore, commercial activities are not allowed on the campsite.


The sale and consumption of illegal narcotics is not allowed! Dealers will be immediately expelled from the premises and reported.


The Wurzel-Festival is for those aged 18 and over, no exceptions, no “Mama’s pass”, no admission without photo ID (copy of ID, student ID, insurance card, etc. are not sufficient). We will decide at the point of entry, if we choose to let in guests, who obviously can’t see clearly anymore, who are blind drunk or otherwise out for trouble. Here, the following applies: Take good care of your car and everyone in it, because if one person traveling with you in the car is already drunk or confused, the others usually have to go home too, so that the affected passenger is not suddenly alone and could potentially find themselves helpless in a dangerous situation… You do not want that – We do not want that and especially your boyfriend / girlfriend does not want that either.


The campsite opens on Thursday at 12:00 noon (if the official on-site pre-festival inspection is completed by the authorities a little earlier, we’ll also open a little earlier).

The campsite closes on Sunday at 6:00 p.m.; we ask you to leave the campsite by that time, after that, we start with the dismantling.

The festival zone’s program stretches from Thursday 6:00 p.m. to Sunday 12:00 noon.


Take care of each other. The motto is: Wurzel children look out for each other. If you see someone who is not well, please take care of them immediately and by yourself. Then please tell first aid, security, the bar staff or at the office in the tower so we can provide quick assistance. It is also not funny to film helpless people with your cell phone. Anyone who makes that mistake will get kicked out. And if we later discover such films on YouTube or the like, the uploader will be banned from buying tickets for the next few years. By considering your fellow human beings to be as important as your friends and family members, then nobody will be left alone. Water is available for free on the grounds. Drink enough, remember your first aid course and don’t forget helping is cool and racks up some good karma points.


The Wurzel-Festival only comes into being with your imagination and creativity, your disguises and smiling faces, as well as through our shared sense of responsibility for people and nature. Responsibility also means that you make sure that you have the most important ingredients to meet all your needs with you. This includes not only enough drinking water, mosquito repellent and sun hats, but also disinfection, plasters, sunscreen and aspirin. Remember to take your medication if you need to take it regularly. If you notice a health issue in advance, check it out at home. Watch out – ticks! A pair of tweezers or tick removers is useful. Paramedics are, of course, also available on site.


Please note the Corona information on site and act accordingly.


The big controversial issue. Do not bring your own drinks and own food on the festival area, except water. You are allowed to take your own bottles of water onto the festival grounds. Everything except glass bottles is OK. Glass bottles are prohibited on the festival grounds for safety reasons, as our Wurzel children like to dance and move around barefoot.

We have a great selection of food stalls and at the bars you can buy drinks at very reasonable prices. Please understand that we depend on the bar income to keep the Wurzel-Festival going. And the operators of the food stalls are also happy if the festival means making a profit for them. In short, treat yourselves!

At the campsite, everyone can, of course, eat as they please.


Of course, you can record your experiences for private use, but we don’t think it’s so great when everyone walks around the whole time with their smartphone out and thinks they have to take their experiences home with them on an SD card. We can also do without blurry photos and embarrassing little movies that appear on Flickr and YouTube shortly after the festival and that no one really wants to see. But beware: The team will be filming and photographing with respect for your privacy, both on the floors, in the hustle and bustle of the Marketplace, and in the camping zone. By entering the event, you acknowledge this and give your permission to use the photos and videos, which will, of course, be carefully screened before they are used. If you find yourself on a photo and do not want this, just let us know quickly. But also be sure to note for yourself: Smartphones and cameras should please respect the privacy rights of the individual! No cell phone videos of people who are not well. This is not funny.


In case of thunderstorms that result in an event cancellation, please leave the stages immediately and go into your tents and camps. Trees and hills do not offer protection. Please pay attention to the announcements of security and stewards. The safest place to be during a storm is in your car. We will inform you as soon as the storm is over.


At the edge of our festival area is the kart track operated by the landlord. If you want to race (with friends?), you can check in there with your festival wristband during the event for a special price and get a 30% discount! Of course, only when sober and when wearing a helmet (on loan on site) and under instruction. We want you to be fit to continue dancing afterwards. Otherwise, please follow the instructions of the stewards and stay in the designated area.


Every Wurzel child is liable for any damage caused by them. In case of loss of the festival wristband, there will be no replacement. We are not liable for any damage caused during performances. As the organizer, our liability for our own actions and those of others is generally limited to cases of intent and gross negligence. This does not affect the liability of the organizer with regard to initial impossibility and a breach of essential contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations), as well as liability for damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health, which are based on a negligent breach of duty by the organizer, a legal representative or a vicarious agent. Sorry, but we have talked to the insurance provider and were told to write it like this.


Please leave your four-legged friends at home, where they won’t go crazy in the hustle and bustle of the Marketplace and on the floors. It’s just too noisy, too stressful and way too exhausting for your pets, so please leave them in trustful care for those days when you are here at the festival.


Here you can get all the information you need. If you have lost something during the festival or found something, please come to the Info-Point. We will try to help. Here you can also get ear protection and condoms.


Since we can’t offer childcare at the moment, please don’t bring your kids. Admission only from 18 years, even if a guardian is present. Childcare is planned for the next few years.


Confetti is very difficult to remove from nature and technology. Please refrain from using it.


The Back to the Roots Festival will be based in the Secret Forest in Niedergörsdorf again this year. We have successfully tested this site in 2017 and found it to be good. In addition to many green spaces, forest and a far-reaching landscape, the aircraft hangars and shelters of the former military site can also be used here as a festival site. Niedergörsdorf is located about 70 kilometers south of Berlin and is also easy to reach by public transport.


Have you lost something at the festival? Send us an e-mail with a detailed description and we will get back to you.


A responsible approach to the environment is a topic that is very close to our hearts. Wurzel children take care of nature. Please remember that you are responsible for your own waste. The deal: We will set up trash receptacles and you aim your trash in the bag, not next to it. Please clean up your camping area and point out the need to do so to others! This also applies to cigarette butts and cups from the stands. Anyone who has ever had to pick up cigarette butts in the grass knows just what an effort this is. You will receive free trash bags and pocket ashtrays at the entrance and at the Info Point.


Open fires on the campsite ground are absolutely forbidden! There are designated barbecue and fire areas where supervised barbecuing is also allowed. Please listen to our staff who are on site. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the forest. Please be careful with the forest and prevent forest fires!


In 2022 there are no Corona restrictions by law. You do not need a PCR test, vaccination status or recovery status. But of course we don’t want to become a hotspot and appreciate if you to test yourself privately at home in advance.

If you feel more comfortable with wearing a mask you can wear it everytime and everywhere. We also ask everyone to respect such decisions without discussion. Thank you!

We have hung up disinfection dispensers everywhere at the „important“ points (toilets, showers, sinks). Please use them!


In general, please respect the orders of the Wurzel staff, the security guards, fire guards in the forest, first aid and the staff of the Firespace and at the barbecue area. Anyone caught repeatedly misbehaving despite warnings must, unfortunately, leave. Anyone caught harassing another person will be sure to go! The same goes for thieves who try to steal from the Djs.


Our guest shuttles from the train station / Jüterbog to the site are available to you 2022 as a ticket holder free of charge and also back to the station. Under arrival you will find all other possibilities how to get to the festival.

Shuttle times 2022

09.06.2022 – 13.06.2022

Arrival: Thursday & Friday 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Departure: Sunday 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. & Monday 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


The campsite opens on Thursday at 12:00 and closes punctually on Monday at 12:00, until then we ask you to leave the campsite because after that we start directly with the dismantling.

The program on the festival area starts on Thursday at 18:00 and ends on Sunday at 18:00.


It doesn’t matter if your gang celebrates you for your tags or you just didn’t realize that we have to clean the stuff afterwards or even pay for its removal entirely. You just haven’t understood what the Wurzel-Festival is all about if you choose to sneak around the corner with your sharpie pen or your spray can. We will find you! And then you get to pull the nails out of the wooden slats with us for two weeks during the dismantling phase. There will be plenty of places for you to get your artistic juices flowing without damaging anything!


Your ticket must be personalized by 08 June.

Admission from 18 years.


If you have bought a ticket for this year and want to transfer it to a person, you need a customer account at Reservix.

Further and more detailed information can be found at news.

All other inquiries, in case of problems with codes for booking in please contact:


There are water points with drinking water at the campsite. However, due to infrastructure requirements, the water points are in a central location, so we recommend that you take water cans with you. This way, you are always well supplied with water even if your camping spot is not directly at the water points. In the festival zone, there are water points at different places.

Given that it is usually very warm and dry in June, the groundwater level in the region around Niedergörsdorf drops. We have laid our own pipeline to be able to supply you with enough water. In extreme heat, there is a possibility that not all water points can be supplied as there is not enough pressure on the pipe.

Please use the water sparingly. Be sure to close the taps when you don’t need them anymore!


Take good care of your valuables! Take only what you need and store everything else safely on you or (if possible) in the car. Please keep an eye on your valuables; unfortunately, this year there were several instances of theft – entirely against the “Wurzel spirit” and despite the efforts of the security, in particular, at the end of the festival. We try to take action against this awful behavior; however, unfortunately, we have to recommend to be on the safe side and not to leave any valuables in the tent. Please also watch out for your tent neighbors, because if everyone watches out for their neighbors, then nothing can really happen!


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