In the meantime, our bazaar of treasures & delicacies has almost developed into a real street food festival. This year, we will again have over 30 booths with delicious food and beautiful things from all over the world. When selecting our flying vendors, we make it a point to bring us things we can’t get on every corner every day. Sustainable, fairly traded and healthy, these are the requirements we place on the products of our traders in our Marketplace. And it should also taste incredibly delicious. Of course, you can enjoy your festival ravioli at the campsite, because that’s kind of a tradition as it is. Nevertheless, we recommend you to try one or the other tasty snack at the stands as well.


Food stalls

Our CULINARY section has almost developed into its own little food festival and we want to keep it that way. By the way, the culinary offer is 80% vegan and we attach importance to partners who use fair and sustainable products.


In our LITTLE TREASURES section in our Marketplace, you will find many nice things. Some of them are useful, while others you don’t really need, but somehow they are a must-have. Have fun browsing!

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